Spelljammer: Return to the Stars

Success and Failure

After defeating the duke and two of his ghostly brides with unexpected ease, the valiant party of Hammurabi, Zion, Severence II, and Q were able to decipher the clues and release the spirits of the duke’s other five wives. But as we prepared to leave the crypt, we were attacked by six Stonefists, constructs of wood and stone. The battle was going well, until a cowardly Duergar spellcaster appeared. After the Stonefists were destroyed, Zion bravely chased after the retreating Duergar for one final attack, despite having only a single hitpoint remaining. Fortunately, his final arrow felled the dark dwarf. Severence II and Q were grievously injured in the battle however, and sadly both succumbed to their wounds. The injured Hammurabi and the nearly dying Zion ponder their next move.



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