Spelljammer: Return to the Stars


The lock was opened, revealing a sort of throne room. An epic battle unfolded as the cleric leader of the duergar band, his knight guardian, and a couple heavy crossbowmen battled the elf ranger, the warforged fighter, the warforged paladin, the gnome warlock, the goliath priest, and the halfling rogue. Thanks in large part to a devastating contagion cast by the warlock magically poisoning most of the duergar, the battle was won by the heroes.

Upon examining the strange devices in the room, the party became aware that the dungeon was actually an enormous spacecraft, a citadel carved from an asteroid and magically augmented. As shocking as this discovery was, the group acted quickly to discern the workings of the craft and its controls. The furnace was fueled by magically imbued items, which in turn powered the drive system of the vessel. A hasty search revealed a bag of holding, which was fed to the flames. With the vehicle under power, an array of catapults serving as the ship’s weapons were armed and a few shots fired as the craft was steered through and out of a chaotic asteroid field.

The party then set course for the nearest habitable body, a planet of unknown name. The craft scoured the surface until a small settlement was located, then landed nearby. Most of the party set out for this town, with Tosh the goliath remaining behind. After battling an orc beastmaster and his dozen wolves, the heroes reached the city. Rather than search for an entrance, the elf Zion elected to climb over the wall, hauling his wolf spirit companion up with him. The two warforged followed, however Iron was not stealthy enough and the guards were alerted. The gnome fell off the rope on the climb up.

Zion and his wolf raced into the town, Iron climbed back down and followed the gnome back into the woods, and Scrapheap…well, was confused as to what to do and was promptly captured. While Zion managed to elude capture by pretending to be a blind beggar, the other two were found by the guards and arrested. Eventually the guards became suspicious of the beggar with his seeing-eye wolf and arrested him as well. After being brought to the jail, an argument broke out between party members as Zion claimed not to know the others, Iron attempted to implicate him and set him up as the leader, and the gnome feigned ignorance of the whole ordeal. Everyone was placed in individual holding cells…again.

When Tosh realized that the rest of the group was probably in trouble, he flew the citadel to the town, landing almost on top of it. After talking his way past the town guards and being brought to see his compatriots in the jail, the entire group met with the town elders. The spokeswoman of the council had no love of strangers, no interest in trading, and in general seemed completely indifferent to the adventurers, wanting only for them to take their citadel away from the town. With no purpose in staying, the group returned to the craft and took to the stars. They discovered that the planet they had been on was actually a second moon of Eyrth! The nearer first moon had no atmosphere, so the party set down on the plains near the small city of Grygax.

While crossing a marshy area of the plains, the group encountered a pack of six winged drakes. During the subsequent battle, another foe emerged from the water: a giant sporeback frog. But despite their superior numbers, the creatures were dispatched in short order by the sword of Iron, the arrows of Zion, and the flail of Tosh. Scrapheap did his best to help, but couldn’t seem to connect with his blows. After the battle, the group continued on to the city, where they wisely went through the front gate and headed directly to the marketplace to sell their extra items, cash out the gems, and buy some cool magic stuff.



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