Spelljammer: Return to the Stars

New Allies

As Zion and Hammurabi ventured out of the crypt, they encountered something unexpected. Two Warforged appeared in the antechamber, pursued by Duergar. One, called Scrapheap, was a heavily repaired, dinged and dented hulk of mismatched parts adorned with a child’s artistry. The smiling sun on the chest plate revealed him to be a cleric of Pelor. The other, FE26, showed only slight wear, and was in generally excellent condition, a dramatic contrast from Scrapheap.

The two Warforged almost immediately turned to battle a Duergar cleric, and four minions approaching from behind them, as a second group of Duergar, five minions and another cleric, spilled into the room from a second hallway. Hammurabi dispatched many of the minions, but was far less successful against the stronger clerics. Zion and Scrapheap steadily wittled away at their opponents, as FE26, armed with a massive fullblade, alternated between devastating hits and embarrassing misses.

The two dark clerics were formidable enemies, using a dominate ability to force Zion to throw his sword into FE26’s chest, and FE26 to land a mighty blow upon Zion from behind. Worse yet, Hammurabi was beaten down and killed by a skull-squishing blow from the mace of the second cleric. Scrapheap managed to hack the first cleric in half with a tremendous blow from his sword. FE26 valiantly battled Hammurabi’s killer with only a single hitpoint remaining, until Zion ended the battle with a decapitating blow to the evil Duergar. Zion and the two Warforged, after battling side by side for their lives, now continue on together through the ruined castle.



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