Spelljammer: Return to the Stars


As the battle progressed, fortune turned against the duergar captors. The warlock slew two of the stonefists, and the ranger, firing from safety behind a portcullis, defeated the guard captain construct. The goliath battered the third stonefist to rubble, and the warlock extinguished the fourth with a darkspiral. With the battle over, the ranger (Zion) and the goliath (Tosh) revived the two fallen warforged. The cleric (Zenvan) was finally freed from his cell, and the four prisoners retrieved their weapons and armor, as well as pocketing over 900 gold found in the storeroom.
Meanwhile, three other prisoners, two elves and a human, were being forced to clean the duergar barracks with toothbrushes—until one was caught trying to make his into a shiv. Then they were ordered to use their tongues. One elf tried faking a seizure while the other, pretending to follow instructions, ripped a large wooden splinter from a footlocker. After the first elf was crossbow butted in the gut (the duergar are brutal doctors), he had had enough and punched his captor in the face with a critical hit, breaking his nose. The other elf saw his opportunity, and stabbed another guard with his makeshift dagger. The human joined the fray, but three unarmed and unarmored prisoners stood little chance against five dark dwarves wearing armor and armed with crossbows and warhammers.
But then, the cavalry arrived.
Zion burst through the doors to the barracks and unleashed twin arrows on one guard, followed swiftly by Iron, who finished him off with a mighty slash. Next, Scrapheap entered the fray and smashed a second guard with his mace, knocking him back. In the commotion, the first elf, a rogue, stealthily swiped a dagger from a footlocker, and killed the second guard with a devastating backstab. Tosh then joined the battle, followed by the warlock. Zion dispatched a third guard with twin arrow strikes, one a crit, while Iron decapitated the fourth. The fifth and final guard had his head caved in by Tosh’s triple flail. With the battle over, the three new prisoners retrieved their armaments, the bodies of the dead were dragged out of the room, and with the area secured, the nine adventurers bedded down in the enemy barracks for an extended rest.



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