Spelljammer: Return to the Stars

Fortune Favors the Bold

The force of heroes continue to take control of their former prison room by room, leaving dead duergar and destroyed constructs in their wake. Another barracks was found, where a lovely female tiefling was being abused by a trio of duergar. They were dispatched in short order, and the tiefling joined the party. Next, a large industrial room with five duergar was found. This battle was short: one duergar was backstabbed and killed before combat really began, a second was dispatched by the warlock, the third beheaded by the warforged fighter, the fourth skewered with arrows by the ranger, and the fifth backstabbed by the same rogue that killed the first one. In a rubble pile, the first number of the combination lock was discovered.

Continued exploration yielded a trapdoor with a highly complex combination lock. Without any clues as to how to open it, the heroes continued to search the structure. A storage room was found, containing five unidentified reptilian humanoids carrying out manual labor and a duergar taskmaster. The reptiles proved easy to hit but quite resilient; nonetheless, the warforged fighter, the elf ranger, the elf rogue, the warforged paladin, and the gnome warlock were triumphant, claiming several vials of residuum among the spoils. Another number was found as well.

The five stalwart adventurers burst through the last remaining door to find themselves in the mess hall, and facing over a dozen duergar. Most were simple minions and were easily slain, but a highly skilled warrior and a pair of spellcasters were a greater threat. This was a grand and formidable battle, but in the end, all the foes were vanquished. The heroes were bloodied and badly beaten, but victorious. Among the fallen enemies were a +2 dynamic warpick, and the final number for the combination lock.



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