Spelljammer: Return to the Stars


The elven ranger Zion, and the two warforged managed to escape their duergar pursuers, only to encounter a new ally: a human cleric named Cervan, who was himself being pursued by duergar slavers. A pack of four horned drakes attacked the party, followed closely by the duergar slaver, who turned out to be another cleric. This evil cleric used a dominate ability to turn the weak-willed FE26 (now nicknamed, perhaps ironically, Iron) against his party. Despite a valiant effort, the drakes and cleric managed to overcome the adventurers. Scrapheap was the first to fall, then Cervan. FE26 was knocked out next; and despite inflicting three consecutive critical hits (and a fourth later in the battle) and slaying two of the drakes, Zion was finally beaten down by the duergar’s mace. But what could have been a massacre instead became a second chance. The four adventurers were healed just enough to be kept alive, stripped of their weapons and armor, and taken prisoner.

Upon waking, they found themselves being held in a prison of sorts, guarded by four stonefist defenders and another, unidentified construct. Scrapheap and FE26 were wrapped in chains and hung upside down from the ceiling, while Zion and Cervan were locked in cells. Fortunately, an intelligent hamster formerly owned by Q was found by Zion before the battle, and escaped detection by the duergar. While Scrapheap and FE26 attempted to escape by brute force (with FE26 also verbally harassing the leader construct), Zion and Cervan attempted to distract the guards’ attention while the hamster stole the key to the cells. Cervan managed to attract three of the guards to his cell, while FE26 convinced the leader that his supervisor was approaching. The lead construct turned his attention back to Zion, who had also been verbally harassing him (it?), just as the elf burst from his cell.



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