• Alleine Sie Leiden

    Alleine Sie Leiden

    Kind-hearted and gentle in day to day life looks human except for palish skin, When Using a Genasi form the element he takes form of is darker then normal or opposite color (Example: Black flames, Dark gray water, Black and white wind, etc, etc.) When Ent
  • Geoff


    Elf rogue
  • Scrapheap


    "Hello! Pleased to meet you. My name is Scrapheap and I want to..." *CLANK* "... SLAY THE HEATHENS WHO DARE BESMIRCH THE GOOD NAME OF THE SUN... *CLANK*... I'm sure we'll be great friends!"
  • Toshiori Ishikuni

    Toshiori Ishikuni

    A being made of stone whose incredibly long life has been spent as a slave aboard his own kingdom in the stars.