Spelljammer: Return to the Stars

"The Seven Wives of Duke Sentis"

After finding an old wedding dress, the adventuring party had made it to an abandoned castle, where a crazed duke once lived (allegedly). There, they met the ghost of Mardove Silverkin, one of Duke Sentis’ seven wives. Mardove explained that the Duke had sacrificed them all to favor his god, Vecna and their souls had been bound to his bidding. In order to free their souls, the adventurers must find their bodies and speak to each of them the name that Duke Sentis went by in order to deceive them. So far, they had found several clues as to their whereabouts.

The party is now exploring a dungeon underneath the castle, and have so far met several hideous undead, as well as devious traps that defied death and the laws of gravity…



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