Spelljammer: Return to the Stars

A Neighboring Kingdom and Uncapturing

After separating from the party for quite some time, an old rock man and his little friend the gnome warlock eagerly sought passage on a slaver’s air dinghy up to what appeared to be another kingdom of the rock man’s people. The two duergar at the ship thought they had gained a strong looking if slightly mentally challenged new slave for their ship; a few well-placed eldritch blasts and swipes from the ancestral triple-headed flail changed their minds literally.

Almost all the captured in the next room over had managed to free themselves. The human holy man was quickly knocked out, unable to escape his cage. The elven acrobat helped the two warforged out of their chains. Since those chains were attached to the ceiling, they joined the battle head-first, falling hurt to the ground. The elf saw his best chance in a side room and temporarily escaped the combat. He found a crate full of his supplies and grabbed a bow. After he left the room, the battle was going south as the constructs charged with subduing the prisoners repeatedly crashed their fists into the faces of the shiny warforged and the warforged with the more crayon-esque design causing pain and unconsciousness.

Before falling, the colorful warforged inspired the holy man back to his feet. In thanks, the human was able to revive his friend with a divine word. The gnome and rock man then stepped in to add firepower and brought the shiny fighter back to his feet. The battle is far from over, but six against the constructs make becoming uncaptured look possible.



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