It all started with adventurers from various worlds, trapped on a Durergar Citadel orbiting over the world of Oerth. The Citadel, as well as the gnomish vessel of Ku Nyx, had crash landed near the Principality of Ulek. Now, our intrepid heroes forge their own paths in this strange land on this strange planet. As the stars beckon to them, will they truly be content with life on Oerth, or will they long to explore that great, starry expanse to make their way home… or beyond?!?

This campaign is being played at the Coliseum of Comics in Orlando, Florida, located near the Mall of Millenia on Millenia Plaza Boulevard next to the Gamestop (for an accurate map, just click here). We invite any and all to attend.

For the latest out-of-game news concerning the campaign, please visit the forums, here , or just click on the tab above. It’s a good idea to check back often.

Spelljammer: Return to the Stars

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